Four Reasons to Learn Spanish

2013-10-13 11.42.43 Okay, it’s 2013, and not very many people need and reasons to learn Spanish. I think the general consensus is that Spanish is one of the most practical and needed languages in the modern world today (with the exception of English). As Americans, here are four great reasons why you should learn Spanish:

1. Fastest Growing Language in the United States

Sure, there has been a recently large influx of both legal and illegal immigrants into the United States. Many of these immigrants are from Mexico and Latin America. Due to the geographical location, and the proximity to the U.S. we can expect this to continue.

2. The Spanish Language Isn’t Going Anywhere

Regardless if immigration reform passes or all illegals get deported, there will still be a large amount of Spanish influence in American culture. You will still have to press #2 for Spanish and no other language will come close to takingthe #2 spot. Hispanics are the leading race in new babies in the state of California.

3. Great for Travel

Whether you plan on going to the Caribbean, Europe, Central America, or South America, your knowledge and use of Spanish will come in handy both as a tourist and as a business traveler. With many US expatriates moving to Central and South America for lower costs, you may consider that someday that could be you!

4. Work Skills

Believe it or not, you no longer just stand out when you apply to work as a check cashier in a Hispanic neighborhood. More and more businesses are looking for individuals who can speak Spanish on their resumes. As the marketplace becomes more globalized, the importance of staff who can speak the language of the customers becomes very important. Spanish is one of the most desired languages amoung new employees these days.

Some people get mad or send us “hate mail” for teaching Spanish lessons. They think that this is America and that people should just speak English. Several senators have actually also introduced legislation that would officially make English the “language of the United States”. This may eliminate the use of Spanish on federal applications. Even if this regulation passes, Spanish is still going to be a popular language and is still going to be needed for companies who are doing business in Spanish-speaking countries.

Look… it is important for unified. It is important for a nation to have common values and one common language. The English language, is in fact, essential for commerce. However, due to the the “realities” of our economy and immigration system, it makes sense for those to also learn Spanish to improve their worth in the global economy.

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